7 Reason To Go Green Start Now – Lets Do This and Save Earth

Author - August 13, 2016

7 reason to go green start now

What reason do we have to go green from now on? Earth is a place to stay should we keep and we have to preserve that everything remains balanced. Every day the Earth gets contamination from pollution due to human activity. Lots of damage that has occurred on Earth and cause pain to our planet. The destruction of forests, many rivers polluted, its solid motor vehicles makes the air we are getting dirty and polluted.

The reason we have to go green from now is clearly due to go green earth that can help heal the ailing. Go green is a lifestyle that helped also pay attention to the environment, either by saving energy, recycling of used goods unused but still be in use, dispose of waste in place, afforestation or parks and gardens around the house, participating in reforestation and reforestation and much more.

Lifestyle is based on the principle of ‘go green will help solve our problems now and is very useful for the preservation of natural resources and the health of our planet. With the 4R concept of reducing, reuse, recycle and replace is the best lifestyle concept that will also help maintain the health and preservation of our environment.
Here are the reasons we should go green start now

Reason for Go Green, More Acction, Save More

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Go green good at doing and cultivated since was a kid. Knowledge of the facts and the impact of global warming should be given since childhood. Why do children have to go through? Yes, because the children will be easy to remember until they grow up and hope they will make it a culture for the future and for the safety of the earth.

1. Environmentally friendly and do not harm the environment
No doubt that will make our environment-friendly coexistence with the environment. Mutual protection of human life and the environment is the best choice at this time that can help us out of the crisis of environmental degradation and natural disasters. Many of us are not yet aware of the importance of protecting the environment and there are still many who do not know how easy to maintain this environment.
Actually a lot of things we can do to keep our environment. Starting from throwing waste in place or use it again or recycle more items that are not used.

2. We have very limited resources
Earth has two natural resources are renewable natural resources and can not be updated. Natural resources that can be updated include the wind, water, plants, soil, and animals. Natural resources can not be updated include minerals such as metals, oil, and gas.

What is true of natural resources such as water will continue to exist? Yes, but if you use the lifestyle as he pleases and does not want to pay attention to how the environment it will inevitably come a rainy day is contaminated water. Already many places are experiencing acid rain, usually found in the area around the plant and urban.

Yes, acid rain caused by the gas content of carbon dioxide and other gasses that accumulate a lot of pollution in the Earth’s atmosphere. Go green gives clear step by inviting us to maintain our environment. We can create a garden that could reduce the concentration of air pollution in the earth, helping to further green earth. Because that’s how it should be.

3. Environmental

Human activity is often forgotten and ignored the impact that will be caused to the environment. Yes the old days, we often see a lot of plants and the air still feels fresh. But now we are always breathing air that Pansa and stuffy. Yes because of the level of pollution and environmental damage we are getting worse.

Some places that once seemed green forest now full of houses and tall buildings. Things we might do that is to provide open green space or we can make a small garden in our homes. The park has a very important role to help refresh the air- that has been exposed to air pollution. If the air around our homes clean and fresh, all the families in our homes will be healthy

4. Save Expenses
Conserve energy is one of the slogans of go green. Save energy also means saving expenses. If we are used to making energy-saving lives we will also learn how to use energy-saving efficiently. By saving energy, we can save energy for the future of our grandchildren.

5. We leave a better world for future generations
Go green is an idea that invites us to love the environment for present and future greener. If we are familiar with the culture go green and help the environment for had a healthy and sustainable future certainly will be better than now. Providing the best for a child is every parent’s dream. Besides affection they need, we also have to provide a beautiful and comfortable place for them.

6. The Real Danger of Global Warming
Yes, the public issue currently widely in the world is talking about global warming. Global warming is the very real impact felt by inhabitants of the earth. Lots of very unusual phenomenon occurred, instances for this is due to the effects of global warming such as rising sea levels around the world due to melting glaciers partly in the polar regions and others. Read also This is The Fact of Global Warming and Its Effects on Humans and The Weather

Global warming caused by the human activity itself is not considering how to use the environment wisely and well. Not considering the impact of what has been done and what will happen to the earth in the long term. The greenhouse effect is a positive impact on farmers because the winter will keep the air temperature in the greenhouse warm, and will facilitate the farmers to do the treatment. But if the work system is not used wisely it will be fatal because it will adversely affect the earth. Real also How to Grow Potatoes Hydroponically ? Here You Can Find ! and Cause of Global Warming List, We Must Know..!!

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