Author - August 5, 2016

This page is a description of advertising or advertising on our website …

Want to advertise on our website? The following is continue description…

Space advertising available is :

– Header = 720 x 90
– sidebar = 250 x 250

For the cost….

– Header = Rp.250.000 / month
– Sidebar = Rp.200.000 / month

What are the advantages to advertise on our website?

Our website is visited by seekers of information about all social circles, a worker, activists, environmentalists, gardener or a farmer. By advertising on our website, then your ad will be seen by people who are targeted.

Terms of advertising …

– Ads must be in accordance with the topic of our website
– Ads must not contain Adult material
– Ads must not contain things that violate state rules
– Ads must not contain things that violate religious rules

Interested to advertise? … Please contact us.

Info: In the near future we will no longer receive personalized advertising, we will only use Google Adsense as a third party advertisement.