Aquaponics System Alternative Hydroponics Nutrients

Author - August 14, 2016

aquaponics for hydroponic

Is Aquaponics system alternative hydroponic nutrients? Many plant lovers who complain because of high nutrient for hydroponic crops. Prices great hydroponic plant nutrients can be up to five times the price of the underlying plant nutrients. Moreover, if only for decoration in the house or garden.
For various reasons above you can use the system as an alternative Aquaponics for your hydroponic plant nutrients. The organic nutrients that are environmentally friendly and cheap. If you want to make hydroponic plants in the house and make it work as a garnish, you can use the hydroponic method combined with Aquaponics. Will be a balanced view of the inside of your house.

So what Aquaponics system like that? Aquaponics is a system that combines the planting of hydroponic techniques and fish. This fish serves as a source of nutrients used to grow crops. So you do not need to buy more nutrients that are expensive.
Fish waste will be the main source of plant nutrients. Fish waste must be broken down by bacteria to be absorbed by plants. So the fish waste will be a natural liquid fertilizer without us should give him extra nutrients. With Aquaponics models we can get two results at once, we can get vegetables and also got a fish. Right?

That the advantages of the use of this Aquaponics system. In practical application, the system Aquaponics can be done in various ways. You can simply put the plants above the aquarium you have. That way you have an aquarium will look more green. In addition you can also use the pumps that pump water from the pond into the PVC pipe that has been there the plants in pots along the pipeline.

Aquaponic Gardening System

Go Green

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In the application we have followed, there are benefits and there are some things that support should also be prepared for success this Aquaponics system. Because we will reduce the use of chemical nutrients or we do not even use it. Then check out some of the reviews below:

1. Using the Aquaponics system will conserve water usage
Why using Aquaponics system can be more efficient use of water? Yeah right, this works on Aquaponics system of pumping water into the fish pond pipeline contained potted plants along the channel. When compared with fish farms, we will greatly benefit from the screening by plant roots.
When the water in the pond flowed into the pipes of plants, fish waste will be filtered out by the roots of plants, and the tip PVC before the water back into the pool, given the filter so that the water becomes cleaner. So we do not need to constantly replace the water in the fish pond.

2. The media used must be able to as a filter.
How planting medium suitable for Aquaponics? Because the technique uses Akua ponik to provide nutrient flow, then use a medium that is able to filter and at the same time as a stick to fish waste. You can use any sand, gravel or the like objects. The important thing may be the place attachment of fish waste. Or you can go to the farm shop and plantation shop to consult this matter planting medium.

Backyard Aquaponics backyard aquaponics

3. Factors supporting Aquaponics system
Why there should be a supporting factor? Does this difficult and costs more? Quiet, factors supporting this objective that produced the better results later. Can produce fertile fruits and vegetables also can get the results we fish much anyway. Well let’s see there are factors supporting whatever, we have to prepare:

A. Comparison of the number of fish and plants
That the results of this successful Aquaponics system, we must take into account the number of fish required by the number of plants. If the number of plants a lot and we just put a little fish, then the plant will be a lack of nutrients. As a result of a lack of nutrients, the plant will be thinner and less fertile. Then you should predict it in advance or you can also consult the plantation store.

B. Sunlight
Sunlight is mandatory in any planting crops, except to grow mushrooms. Yes, very important attention to the layout of plants it gets enough light. Plants need sunlight to perform photosynthesis cooking food. Plants will be difficult to develop if it gets sunlight is limited.

C. Degrading bacteria help decompose the waste of fish.
Yes, fish waste will be absorbed by the plant if it is broken down by bacteria. Actually naturally existing bacteria in the fish pond, but the amount will be less and less to decompose the waste of fish. If the bacteria are not enough to describe it, then the absorption of nutrients will not run with the maximum.
Because of the problems, we need additional bacterial decomposition runs better so that decomposition and maximum. We could add probiotics to add some creatures decomposers in the fish pond. If decomposers enough, certainly will run faster decomposition and plants are also easy to use as nutrients it needs.

In practice carried out by some people, for the addition of microorganisms used EM4 fisheries are dissolved in water and mixed into fish feed. This is done routinely every feeding on fish. The use of this EM4 in addition to outlining the remainder in the pool, also to maintain the quality of the water to make it more durable and not too smelly.

D. Fish that we have raised in aquaponics with good results: tilapia, blue gill / brim, sunfish, crappie, koi, fancy goldfish, runway, various ornamental fish such as angelfish, guppies, tetras, swordfish, mollies, carp, barramundi , silver perch, golden perch, yellow perch, Catfish, Large mouth Bass.

E. Plants that can grow well in Aquaponics system: any leafy lettuce, pak choi, kale, swiss chard, arugula, basil, mint, watercress, chives, most common house plants

There are several types of Aquaponics you should know that the water inside and a thin, floating raft, flush the system on, and tidal systems. Use media that is easy if you are a beginner in doing so.

Aquaponic and Save Earth

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How will the results of the planting system Aquaponics?

If the results of plantings with Aquaponics technique is smaller than the hydroponic cultivation or use of conventional media using a specially additional nutrients is certainly understandable. Sources of nutrients from food scraps and fish feces are certainly not as complete as nutrients specially hydroponic plants. So very important taking into account the number of fish that are kept so that the plant gets enough nutrients. But a matter of taste, many who considered tastier vegetables from the results of this Aquaponics food.

Aquaponics system could be an alternative to the nutrients in the hydroponic system. If you have a fish pond, this technique is very suitable for the try. With this system, you will get a lot of advantages, both from the pool water more groomed and earn additional revenue. Read also Type of Hydroponic System and Reason To Go Green Start Now

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