How To Plant of Hostas, Care Hostas, Hostas Under Trees and How Far Apart to Plant Hostas

Author - August 23, 2016

How to plant of hostas, care hostas, hostas under trees and how far apart to plant hostas

Are you looking for information about How to plant of hostas, care hostas, hostas under trees and how far apart to plant hostas? Hostas plant is a plant that is much in demand by the landscaper and gardener. Hostas plant widely cultivated for dense foliage and easy to maintain. Even plants hostas can live in any environment and this is also the reason favored by landscaper and gardener.

There are so many easy ways and tips for how to plant of hostas, care hostas, hostas under trees and how far apart to plant hostas. Hostas plants have several types that can be recognized from the color differences. The basic color of this plant is green, blue, white and yellow. Because the human boundless, all of them have been hybridized and is now available in a variety of unique color combinations and even led to a new motif in this plant. You should know that the hostas plants have different characteristics in color. The color on these plants is influenced by the location and temperature.

Plant of Hostas and Care Hostas

The beauty of the peak of hostas plants can be found between June and October. Yes, because in this month hostas plants are flowering. Especially now hostas plants that have been in hybridises will produce a mix of unique colors. Hostas flower has a similar shape with lilies. Shaped like a bell or funnel. Flowering hostas are preferred by gardeners for Reviews their visual added value and are Often used in flower beds with tulips, daffodils, anemones and snowdrops. In summer months, bright begonias and impatiens of make wonderful companion plants for the hostas. Read also Top Guide and Tips to Starting an Organic Garden.

Where is the best place for hostas?

Hostas plants can be planted in various places with enough sunlight. But a good place to plant hostas plants are in place is quite exposed to the morning sun but shade from the afternoon sunlight. Afternoon sunlight is not recommended for hostas plants, because hostas takes 6 hours to grow. Hostas plants can be planted as a preventive measure for weed control as their thick horizontal crowns leave no room or light for the weeds to grow.

Hostas Under Trees

Here are some good places to plant hostas:

1. Posted on the Home Flat – Hostas is easily grown on the flat. He will develop quickly if and to close the empty place so that there is no place to grow weeds.
2. Pot Coiled Around Tree – hostas will beautify the tree in your garden. But hostas would be dangerous if the tree only has roots that go sideways course because it will lose with hostas in taking water and nutrients. We advise choosing trees that are strong and big. Also, the trees that have roots that grow vertically and horizontally.
3. As Background – hostas when fully grown will have a lush green view. So it would be very nice if adding bright flowers planted next to it.

Actually, hostas plants can be planted in a place exposed to full sunlight. But hostas require watering several times a day. But hostas are already growing well will be able to survive exposure to the sun as long as they do not lose moisture in the ground and protected from the wind.

When is the Best Time To Plant Plant hostas?

Hostas plants need sufficient sunlight, so avoid planting in winter. You should plant them in early March and the end of October. Plant hostas will grow fast and hard in the spring to prepare for firm roots before winter arrives active period.

There are several things you should consider when planting this hostas. We recommend that before you plant, make sure the roots in a clean state. Or should you soak them for 2 hours before you plant. Soil bed preparation should be completed ahead of time by mixing regular garden soil with compost and fertilizer and combining all ingredients with each other few days before planting.

For the planting of trees around the plant, you must add an additional fertilizer and compost. Hostas treatment methods performed to ensure that the shallow roots of trees do not attack the root system hostas.
For planting in the fall of the standard end of August or early September, you can start planting 4-6 weeks before the first frost. At that time i warm soil conditions and allows the hostas will grow and will experience the early development stages of growth make the plant quite resistant to winter.

If hostas really active in the winter, plant in October will be at risk for plants are not able to survive until the following spring and the roots may rot due to the following reasons:

1. There is a possibility if the roots will freeze
2. In the winter the drainage system is not running properly.
3. Applying small amounts of mulch around the planted
Hostas will Ensure stability of the ground temperature and constant moisture without over-flooding.

How to take care of hosta plants?

how to take care of hosta plants

For the treatment plant hostas, we do not need a lot of power and not too time consuming. You have to pay attention to some of these things as maintenance:

1. Soil – Plant hostas prefer soils that are rich in organic nutrients, compost, clay, sand and a little mild alkaline soil. Special attention should be taken when fertilizer. Because a lot of chemical fertilizer will increase the acidity of the soil. You can add peat moss and a few scraps of pine bark mixed before planting.
2. Planting – If the young plants come from a container, the roots should be cut vertically into quadrants and loosened prior.
3. Planting – Soaking Them is an imperative step as it Allows the plant to absorb the moisture and Easily adapt to the soil. This needs to be done to make it easier to grow hostas plant. For better fertilizer and compost you mix them with soil and do not just put on the ground alone. Do watering the plants regularly and in time periodically.
4. Fertilization – All forms of fertilizer can be used as long as you mix it with soil. This will maximize plant if repeated every 7-10 days. The thing to remember is All fertilizing should be halted by the end of July to allow the plant to go through the hardening process before the winter.
5. Watering – Watering should be done every day because plants have leaves Hostas fairly wide and will experience more rapid evaporation. If the plant looks wilted sign that the plant is experiencing drought.

Some tips for planting and caring for plants hostas:

1. Categorize hostas but also provide enough room to grow hostas spread freely.
2. Flush hostas in the morning in order to grow healthy.
3. hostas can be invasive and should be planted in areas with ample room to grow.
4. If planting hostas indoors in the winter, give lighting the lamp and cover it with a layer of mulch and straw.
5. Whent they grow in the container pot, use 1-2 plants per pot.

Those are some information how to plant of hostas, care hostas, hostas under trees and how far apart to plant hostas. Having looked neat and beautiful grounds is the desire of every person. The most powerful way to fill your yard by planting a barren is this hostas. Read also Hydroponic Gardening System and How to Grow Potatoes Hydroponically.

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