Hydroponic Gardening Tower and DIY , You Should Know!!

Author - August 16, 2016

Hydroponic Gardening Tower and DIY

Are you search information about hydroponic gardening tower and hydroponic gardening DIY? Yes, you can read here. Hmmm, have a garden in the home is the dreamer for many people in the world. Why many people want to have a garden? Because garden can make fell happy and make fresh in the home. If we have tired from away to work, fresh air in garden make relax and the fells are happy.

Hydroponic gardening tower and DIY system are design to the garden in the city. In the city many people don’t have lot of space place to build garden like in the village. With that a reason came the idea of build hydroponic gardening tower and DIY.

Oke, we will discuss one by one about this. Read with carefully because you must know this information. 😀

Hydroponic gardening tower

Hydroponic gardening tower is a type of aeroponic gardening system but it have vertical design. The system of garden towers designed for urban farm, rooftop garden and commercial growing operation. Because of it is vertical design, the system is space and energy efficient.

What are benefits with plant in the hydroponic gardening towers?
Hmmm, what the different planting with hydroponic and the conventional planting? Many people do not know the benefits from hydroponics gardening system. Yes, planting with hydroponic system give you more nutrient in the fruits and vegetables you are planting. Because the nutrient for vertilizer and nutrient we gave, the plants are absorb very well. It is make the plants can grow more bigger and faster. Read also How to Grow Potatoes Hydroponically

hydroponic tower system

This is more benefits plants with hydroponics system towers (Aeroponics System):

1. Grow up until 30 percent More healthy food and tree times more faster to grow up
Like same technology NASA uses – Using aeroponic system tower garden plant with have water and nutrient only rather dirt. With this system, has be evidenced with the research has found the plants can grow 30 percent compared conventional planting. So you can harvest more faster, you can harvest just weeks from you are planting. Hmmm, you will harvest plant with more nutrient.

2. Easy maintenance but Excellent Results
What the problem in the gardening and farming? In many case the problems are pests, disease, weeds. The three of problem farmer and gardener. Ok, traditional gardening can be complicated and time consuming. But with the hydroponic tower, he just give nutrient and water if needed. You are grow so strong , healthy plant with minimal effort. When the plants grow with strong and healthy, they can defend from are pests with him self naturally not with pesticides. And you don’t have to deal with weeds (or getting dirty) because there’s no soil.

3. Live Well with 90 percent Less Water and Space
Want a garden, but you don’t believe if in your home can make it? Yes, the aeroponic tower the answer. You can build a garden with less place and water. With vertical tower design you can take and build any garden in the side on your house. This system used closed-loop system technology, and need as little as 10% of the land and water traditional growing methods use. So, it is good and perfect for sunny small space, such as balconies, patios, rooftops—even your kitchen provided you use grow lights. And it’s better for the environment, too.

To get this tower, you can visit an hard ware store or you can find in the Online Shop with niche Hydroponics Tower. Or you can create it.

Hydroponic Gardening DIY

Hydroponic gardening DIY most use by gardener. Hydroponic system located in an closed structure, such us greenhouse or basement your house or in out door in the yard or deck. If you take the hydroponics in the out door, you must check more then hydroponic in door. Because the water will lost as evaporation and we had protect the system from the elements, such as providing a wind barrier.
Hmmm, if cold temperature you can bring your hydroponic to the in door. Yes, you can take it in to basement, you don’t need more check the water because the evaporation do not happen. But if you bring hydroponics system indoor, you must take some enough light for plant.
How to build hydroponis Gardening DIY system? Here you can read the steps to build hydroponic gardening DIY.

Assemble the Hydroponic System

First Steps to build Hydroponics gardening system DIY : Assemble the Hydroponic System

The system consists of six growing tubes made of 6″ PVC pipe, a stand and trellis made of PVC, a 50-gallon nutrient tank, a pump and a manifold. The tank sits under the table of 6″ PVC growing tubes, and the pump sits inside the tank to push nutrients up to the plants via a manifold of smaller PVC pipes and plastic tubes. Each growing tube has a drainpipe that leads back to the tank. The manifold sits on top of the pipes and sends pressurized water to the tubes. To get the nutrients to the plants in this system, water is pushed through a square of PVC, the manifold, and then gets shot out to small plastic tubes that run inside each of the larger growing tubes. The nutrient tubes have very small holes in them, one hole between each plant site. The nutrients shoot out the hole and spray the plant roots. At the same time, the jet of water makes air bubbles so the plants get enough oxygen.

Twice Steps to Build Hydroponics gardening system DIY : Mix the Nutrients and Water in the Tank

Fill the 50-gallon tank with water. Then add two cups of nutrients to the tank, turn on the pump and let the system run for about 30 minutes to get all of the nutrients thoroughly mixed.

hydroponics gardening system DIY

Three Times Steps to Build Hydroponic Gardening system DIY : Add Plants to the Growing Tubes

One of the easiest way to have seeds to plant in the hydroponics DIY systems are buy it in the store. Especially you don’t have any time to grow the seeds your self. You must chose the best and the healthy plant to your hydroponics. To wash the dirt off the roots, submerge the root ball in a bucket of lukewarm to cool water. Water that’s too warm or too cold can send the plant into shock. Gently separate the roots to get the soil out. After the roots are clean, pull as many roots as you can through the bottom of the planting cup and then add expanded clay pebbles to hold the plant in place and upright. The expanded clay pebbles are hard, but they’re also very light so that they don’t damage the plant roots.

Fourth Times Steps to Build Hydroponics Gardening System DIY : Tie the Plants to the Trellis

Use the plant clips and string to tie the plants to the trellis. The string will give them support to climb straight up, which helps to maximize the space in this confined area. Tie the string loosely to the top of the trellis, attach the clips and string to the base of each plant (Image 2) and gently wind the tips of the plants around the string.

After you build the hydroponics gardening system DIY success, you must check for the water condition and plant condition. Checks made to see pests and plant health. Oke lets grow your garden and bring the earth to be green. More article read Tips and Go Green.

source : www.dallasinnovates.com

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