This is The Fact of Global Warming and Its Effects on Humans and The Weather

Author - August 5, 2016

global warming fact and efect

You are looking for information about global warming, the fact of global warming and its effects on humans and the weather? Global warming is not something alien to our ears. Lots of media or print media that raised this theme. Protecting the environment and protecting the environment is our duty. Why should conserve or maintain these environments? Lots of questions like that. Do we feel is not responsible for the damage to the environment?
Many facts about global warming, even a direct impact on humans and the weather. Basically, global warming is the increase in average temperature above the Earth’s surface on land, at sea or in the state of the earth so the air gets increasingly hot. But their impact will be very harmful to life on Earth. Let together make earth becomes green and always keep environment.

Global Warming Definition
Many developed countries that have researched about this global warming. Observation and research they’ve done to get accurate information about the facts and the impact of global warming on human life. Here are some opinions from experts on the definition of global warming.

1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The agent explained that global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth, both of which have passed or is happening at the moment. Most affected by the greenhouse effect in the Earth’s atmosphere.
While the definition of the greenhouse effect is the process of heating the surface of celestial bodies (mainly planets or satellites) that is caused by the composition and state of the atmosphere.

2. Solar Energy Association of New Mexico, United States
While the association provides an explanation of warming this global, ie explain that global warming is an increase in temperature or average temperature at the earth’s surface as a result of the greenhouse effect that where the greenhouse effect is an event trapping heat in the earth due to the obstruction of gas emissions such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to emissions of motor vehicles, air pollution from factories or industrial and forest fires.

3. Natural Resources Council Defend
The institution explained that global warming is an environmental and humanitarian crisis of the largest is the case today. Because of greenhouse effect causes the temperature in the earth’s atmosphere becomes very hot this happens because the sun’s heat is trapped by the carbon dioxide gas that could threaten change weather on earth. Therefore NRDC also invites us to act against global warming so that the bad effects can be reduced to human life.

4. National Wildlife Federation
The Federation explains about global warming as an event where the earth is getting more and more heat, the most torrential rains and floods, storms, and droughts to become more intense deepened. In the definition also mentions how dangerous effects of global warming. Global warming is also a lot to change the landscape of the earth and off many species.

Global Warming Effect

global warming effect

The impact of global warming will be felt if we do not change our lifestyle. Who will feel the impact of this global warming? And what impact will happen? For now, the impact of global warming is yet to be felt. But our grandchildren will definitely be felt. Lots of adverse impacts of global warming as if it is not handled seriously. The severity of this will continue to increase with time. The impacts resulting from global warming to life:

1. The surface temperature of the earth’s increasingly extreme
The greenhouse effect due to accumulated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can cause entrapment of the light and heat of the sun. Causing the temperature of the earth rises drastic.

2. The mean sea level worldwide would go up
This could happen because of the global temperature increase earlier. If the temperature of the earth rises, then the condition of the poles also getting up. Permafrost in polar little by little will continue to melt and result in rising sea levels in any country.

3. The intensity of the typhoon increased angina
Due to extreme weather changes, the state will change with drastic temperatures cause storms and hurricanes are becoming more frequent

4. Many of droughts and crop failures around the world.
Yes, as the heat of the air in the earth, the drought will often hear. As has happened in Indian Country. Because of the prolonged summer, many people died because of the drought.

5. Various diseases will emerge due to global warming
Lots of infectious diseases caused by viruses that are new. Because geothermal changes so quickly and also the impact of global warming.

6. The occurrence of extinction of various species of living creatures
Living beings who are not able to adapt to the environment will die. Especially now, when the higher geothermal and many beings who are not able to adapt, there will be mass extinctions of species that can not adapt.

Global Warming Reason

global warming effect

Global warming happens for a reason, as for some of the causes of global warming are:
1. Model greenhouse
Which became one of the causes of global warming is where the model homes or buildings that use a lot of glass. So that light is reflected into the air again not absorbed. So that the greenhouse effect is causing temperatures on earth rise.

2. Fuel
Causing excessive fuel consumption content of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere is increasing. These compounds will damage the ozone layer in the earth. So the ultraviolet rays can enter Earth.

3. Air pollution from vehicle exhaust and factory
The more the number of motor vehicles and factories is growing, the more concentrated is also pollutants that accumulate in the air. The thicker the air pollution levels in the atmosphere causes the sun’s heat is trapped inside. On the positive side with a motor vehicle will accelerate transportation and mills will also be able to lift the economy of the community.

4. Forest deforested
Forests are key to reverse this trend. very perpetrate forest to reduce the levels of air pollution on earth. But if a lot of forests are cut down and without conduct reforestation, the toxic gasses such as carbon dioxide can not be filtered again. Cause a buildup of air pollution in the atmosphere and causing the greenhouse effect.

Many things we can do to help prevent the worsening of global warming. By not wasting littering, we can use environmentally friendly means of transportation such as the bicycle. We can also plant some plants around our homes. And a lot of simple things we can do.
Once we know the facts about global warming and its impacts to humans and the weather, let us always keep our environment. Treat the environment wisely for our future and our children.

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