Type of Hydroponic System. You should know!

Author - August 13, 2016

types of hidroponics

Are you looking for information on the type of hydroponic system types? Yes, there are several types of hydroponic system you should know if you want to create a hydroponic garden. Because each plant requires a corresponding method. It would be easier if you better understand some forms of hydroponic techniques and if you’ve mastered everything you can to make this as a hydroponic business.

Hydroponic this type of system can be found in our article this. We will discuss it for you and also you can also find on our website about other hydroponic. We will discuss techniques hydroponic technique that are often used by many people because it has proven results.

There were six planting techniques using methods that you can use to create your own hydroponic garden at home. Teknik Each has advantages and disadvantages of each. Adjust the use of techniques which you will use with what kind of plant you want to grow in your hydroponic garden. Here are explanations of each technique.

Types Hydroponic System

1. Wick System
Wick system is one of the types of hydroponic techniques that we discussed. This technique is widely used by people who are beginners in hydroponic. This is a technique that fits if you will start hydroponic gardening. Wick system is a system that includes passive and nutrients to flow into the growth medium of the container using a type of bamboo.

Wick hydroponic system usually used for plants that do not require much water and too little plants are small. Since this system will work well if the plant requires a little water supply. This is affected because we only rely on capillary owned water for watering and nutrient provision. And that’s why a lot of plants that use water not suitable for this type of technique.

2. EBB and Flow System
Two types of techniques that we will discuss are the EBB and Flow System. EBB and Flow System is continuously watering method with the help of a water pump. Yes, we need a water pump for this technique. More detailed like this: A media life or plant inserted into the container, the container then it gets a stream of water and nutrients. The nutrient excess water will be returned into the container again. To use the water pump, you need to associate a water pump with a timer to be more efficient in watering and more power-efficient than turning on the pump continuously.
Tips for growing methods EBB and Flow System: you should keep a distance or estimate the distance between the plants with other plants, do not use containers that are too large.

types hydroponic NFT

3. NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System
Techniques to three that we discussed are NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System. System NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System is also included much sought after by many people. Because it is very simple, easy to make and easy placement. NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System has a simple concept that is by placing the plant in a container or tube where the roots are left hanging in the nutrient solution. This system is very easy to drain the nutrients dissolved in the water constantly, therefore, does not require a water pump and a timer for pumping nutrients. NFT suitable for use on potato. Read How to Grow Potatoes Hydroponically ? Here You Can Find !

4. Aeroponic system
Techniques to four that we will discuss is the aeroponic system. Aeroponics system does not need a crutch plants because the roots will be seen hanging in the air. Plant roots get nutrition from the mist. The fog is derived from water spray nutrients directly to form fogs and immediately arrested by the roots.
The aeroponic system has two types of low pressure aeroponic (LPA) and high pressure aeroponic (HPA). HPA has a larger excess of the spray generated abut dank better than LPA, but the HPA requires a relatively large cost to manufacture. HPA can get results more fertile for maximum spray. For beginners should use the LPA.

5. Drip System
Techniques to five that we will discuss is the drip system. The drip system is also widely used by farmers hydroponics. You can use a water pump and a timer to do the watering. With the combination of a timer and a water pump, you can set the time when the plant should be in the flush automatically to each plant. Read for drip system : plant strawberries With drip hydroponics system

types hydroponic water culture

6. Water culture systems
  The last type that we discussed is Water culture systems. In this type of culture system water, plant roots are suspended in nutrient-rich water and the air is supplied directly to the roots. Plants can be placed on a raft or float in water of nutrients as well. While the oxygen will be provided through the aquarium pump that has been provided so that it can produce oxygen bubbles. If bubbles more and more, the plant and the roots will grow faster to take the nutrition water.

Thats six types of hydroponic systems that can be described. Have a hydroponic garden is very beneficial for us. Besides we can take advantage of the harvest, we can also use it as a beautiful ornamental plant. The plants can also provide the freshness of our home. Read also go green and tips.

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